Video Services and Social Networking Policy

Effective Date January 22, 2016

Updated June 22, 2019

Your video content viewing activities may be collected through your use of the Services. By viewing our video content, you are consenting to share your video activities with others, including what videos you have watched on the Services. Sharing this information will allow you to take advantage of social networking and other features on the Services.

Social Networking Services

Sparkk TV has partnered with certain third party social networking companies to offer you their services through certain Sparkk TV features. For example, you can use third party social networking services, such as Facebook, Google or Twitter, to share information about your experience on Sparkk TV with your friends and followers on those services. These social networking services may be able to collect information about you, including information about your activities on Showtime Networks Services, and they also may notify your friends, both on Sparkk TV and on their services, that you are a Sparkk TV user or about your use of the Sparkk TV site & features, in accordance with applicable law and their own privacy policies.

By using your Sparkk TV account with a third party social networking service, you consent to share information about you, including video content that you have watched on Sparkk TV, with your friends and followers on those services. You can limit how third party social networking services share your information by visiting your social networking services' websites and updating your privacy settings.

In addition, Sparkk TV may request your permission to a) access and collect information available from your social networking account; and b) post information to your friends on your behalf. When you connect your social media service with your Sparkk TV account, you authorize Sparkk TV to access certain information about you from your social networking service to provide content and services, including to help us tailor our communications to you and to develop rich online content and services across Sparkk TV. The information Sparkk TV may access from your social networking services is governed by the privacy policies and settings of those third party services.

Video Measurement Services

Some of the Sparkk TV features may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies that allow market research companies, such as Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics, to collect information about you, including video content that you have watched on Sparkk TV. By watching video content on Sparkk TV, you consent to allow us to share information about you with these video measurement services.

In addition, third party market research services, such as Google Tag Manager, may access information about you through your social networking services. You can limit the information that such companies may access by visiting your social networking service and updating your privacy settings. There is no way to opt-out of these services & if you do not want these services to track you, we ask that you discontinue use of Sparkk TV features & services