S4 E2 I Am Not Ready For This

Originally Aired: September 01, 2017

As the war continues to rage between the secular societies (the Coalition) and the Kingdom of God led by Ruth. North Korea and China are now allied with Ruth and are supplying her with weapons to keep the war going. The Coalition is threatening a blockade of Chinese and North Korean shipping to stem the flow of these weapons. They are even threatening to begin targeting any aircraft other than their own if they enter the battle space. A transport carrying the prototype of the Dooms Day weapon is shoot down over the desert of Syria it's surviving flight crew and cargo are captured by Ruth. As the world moves closer to an even larger war a young couple gets ready for another day. Jack, the son of Dr. Henderson who is G.E.'s senior scientist in the cloning and weapons division and his girlfriend – Bailey are just trying to live in a troubled world. As the get their day started the viewer is given news updates that set the back story for the project. Ruth and her tech team understanding the power of the weapon and learning they can deploy it through satellites hack into the Chinese network and launch a strike against over 2 dozen cities worldwide. The results are devastating. Immediately planes in the immediate area of the strikes fall from the sky, massive vehicle crashes and out of control fires rage. There are no emergency responders as they too are victims. The senior leadership of the U.S. Government is wiped out leaving only the Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Rights to assume the role of the Presidency.

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