S4 E1 It Has Begun

Originally Aired: August 25, 2017

In early 2016 the world is at war with religious extremists and in some cases each other. A clandestine experimental weapon is developed by the shadowy corporation – Genetics Engineering and Advanced Weapons Corp. ( or G.E.). This weapon is built on lost Nazi technology from World War II. It is an advancement on what the U.S. Army calls a crowd suppression weapon. The weapon is designed to interfere with the synaptic impulses from the brain to the rest of the body. It doesn't kill instead it renders its victims inert. Leaving them paralyzed with only their involuntary reflexes intact. Putting it plainly it leaves a person a vegetable but their brain intact. They know what has happened but can do nothing to respond to it. With the war raging in the Middle East between the Coalition and ISIS an exiled Christian Militia leader reaches out to draw a cease fire and propose a unified front. This unified front would bring together all marginalized and extremist groups under one banner with the sole purpose of destroying secular society and installing a fundamentalist regime to rule the world as The Kingdom of God. During the meeting a hit squad made of both ISIS and the Christian Militia execute the leaders. The commander of this squad is Ruth. She takes over and creates the unified group and begins to spread her vision of the Will of God.

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