Catherine Annett


Catherine was born in Central Pennsylvania and grew up on a farm. Hence, her nickname “Farmgirl”. After studying in Pennsylvania, France, and China, (in fact she was in her first ever movie as an extra in Paris) she received degrees in Fine Arts/Theatre, French, and Anthropology. Don’t mistake her for being super-ambitous. She just changes her mind a lot. She decided to pursue Anthropology further, until she realized that digging up Mayan ruins in Belize meant being pelted night after night with monkey dung and waking up with scorpions in her blankets. So, she decided to move to LA and pursue a career in the entertainment industry instead. While she now realizes that the monkeys in the trees in Belize were much less cruel than most people in the industry are in LA, she still loves it. Not only is she lucky enough to be working on Six Figures, but she is also filming a series of feature films at night and working as a swordfighter on the weekends, And now the only thing she ever finds in her bed is her little blind Pekingese named Lucky.

Catherine plays "Gabrielle Donovan" a down-to-Earth, model who books just enough gigs to not have to get a "real" job. She is a true beauty without even trying. Bold and unaffected, Gabrielle has a strong, yet laid back (some would call "lazy") approach to life. She is completely unflappable, watches way too much television and is a terrible cook. 

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