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Love Kabob

Lindsay Levesque-Alam


After a happy childhood in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Lindsay Levesque-Alam moved to New York, NY, to study Dramatic Writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her senior year, she was awarded the Waldo Salt Undergraduate Screenwriting Award for her full-length screenplay, After the Bombs, Before the War (previously titled Military Spending). It’s a political thriller. Clearly, things have taken a turn since then.

Upon graduating, Lindsay stayed in New York to write, act, and tell people she was planning to visit more museums. Today, when she’s not working on Love Kabob, Lindsay likes to answer phones to earn money for food, shelter, red dresses, and to fund what might possibly be the best craft services table anyone ever assembled on a receptionist’s budget. Pretzel M&Ms, anyone?

A big fan of going to church, Lindsay can be seen every Sunday worshiping God at Manhattan and Astoria’s finest Roman Catholic establishments. She does her best to work in prayers for her loved ones, world peace, the New England Patriots, and an end to that fungus that’s killing all the good banana trees. Ugh, and also that big island of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean. She definitely hopes God has a plan for that.

Lindsay also heads multiple Sims households, of varying functionality, as well as an entire Sims medieval kingdom that is currently occupied by pirates. How does she find the time?

Lindsay Levesque-Alam

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