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Love Kabob

Jyoti Singh


Jyoti Singh was born in India. She came to the US in her early years. After moving to NY, she converted her long-held interest in acting into a career. Her exposure to acting had started very early in life. Starting in nursery school, through the 4th grade in India, and then in college in the US, Jyoti participated in every skit, play, and talent show she could. On the other hand, her family always encouraged her to pursue a humanitarian or service oriented career, given the practical uncertainties of an actor’s life. Her heart leaned towards nursing, in which she completed a Bachelor’s degree before coming to New York.

Her training as an actor comes from studios such as Scott Powers, Jagger Kaye, HB Studios & New York Film Academy. She took a summer course with Professor Roshan Tenaja and Tom Alter, both of whom are highly respected veterans of Bollywood. This experience boosted her confidence to act, especially when Professer Taneja, at the end of the course, proclaimed that she was a good actor and encouraged her to work directly in the field. In 2009, she left her job and aggressively started to pursue acting as her career. -In addition to her role as Kamal’s mother on Love Kabob, Jyoti has appeared in “Life Camera Action,” which won several award nominations. She’s also acted in the film “Walkaway” and a play called “Bollywood Wedding.” Her most recent lead role was in the film, “9 Eleven,” which won a Rising Star award and Best Feature at “The Peoples Film Festival.” She was also nominated for Best Actress in “World Music Independent Film Festival.”

She now feels prepared to play any kind of role, aged 25 to 85. She believes as a rising actor, one should be willing to go out on a limb. To her, acting is a passion. In regards to her humanitarian work, she co-founded a nonprofit organization with her sister four years ago. She is a philanthropist and has spent a lot of time in India, examining educational and human rights projects. She has spent time in widow centers, human rights education summer camps, and a center specifically dedicated for rape and torture victims in India. She also raised funds and organized a blanket drive for the homeless in NY. Her most recent project was to get sponsorship and funding for farmer suicide victims in India, and is herself supporting a child yearly.

Jyoti feels joy in having made headway in the two main goals of her life: philanthropy and acting. Her hobbies are singing, yoga, and cooking. She believes one should be humble and grateful for what you have. She takes life as it comes to her.

Jyoti Singh

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