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Love Kabob

Gerrard Lobo


Gerrard Lobo is a New York based actor and model and began his acting training with JoAnna Beckson at JoAnna Beckson Studios in NYC, where he studied the Meisner Technique. He attended Villanova University where he studied Philosophy as well as English and Spanish Literature. After college, he modeled with FORD Models for about five years before leaving the industry to pursue a career in investor relations. He worked as an investor relations executive for publicly listed companies before returning to acting and modeling. Gerrard currently trains with acting coach Anthony Abeson at The Producers Club in NYC.

In his free time, Gerrard loves hanging out with his friends and fellow actors, discussing everything that’s great and wrong with the world (over a few rounds of drinks of course). Eavesdroppers have noted that the ground work for world peace and cures for many malignant diseases have been discovered during these conversations, however, no one ever writes them down or remembers them the next day. Gerrard also enjoys spending a lot of time with his family in small doses. A voracious reader and avid writer, Gerrard has some great ideas for five books that he hasn’t begun writing yet.

Aside from Love Kabob, Gerrard is currently working on his confidence.

Gerrard Lobo

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