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Karlton T. Clay


Karlton T. Clay is a writer and director, known for Karlton: This Is Me (2012), 20something (2013) and Lovers Lane (2015).
In addition to Karlton's work in film, as of 2011 he has written and produced seven stage plays: 'Leukemia & Me' (2004), 'Judgment Day' (2005), 'Judgment Day 2: Temptation Island' (2006), 'Judgment Day III: Redemption Song' (2007), 'The Lord's Prayer' (2008), 'Surrender' (2009), and 'Turn Around High School' (2011).
Karlton's first series, 'College Daze', originally aired on Cleveland, Ohio's Open Student Television Network from 2006 to 2008. It was subsequently shown on Augusta, Georgia's independent channel, WBEK, and was the first original scripted program on that network.

Karlton T. Clay

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