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Reggie Freeman

Pastor Jonathan Miller

Ingeniously funny, extraordinarily gifted, extremely ambitious... These are only mere understatements for the multi-faced actor and dancer, Reginald ''Reggie'' Freeman. Reggie began his path towards success in the early 90's by performing in numerous churches in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) of Augusta, GA. A man of great physical coordination, he has also won several talent dance contests throughout the area. During a personal conversation with a famed entertainer, Reggie heard the advice that would shape his present and future career. "Work hard," James Brown said, and Reggie immediately began just that! Reggie always had a burning passion to perform professionally both on stage and screen. In 2003, he got his chance to perform in his first stage play, 'Never Again'. From there he has been unstoppable in his thirst for more opportunities and has begun performing in a string of hit plays. Currently, Reggie is actively pursuing screen credits as well as continuing to perform in stage plays. Jackson Massey, a nationwide lawyer, used Reggie's acting talent for his current commercial that has received continuous airplay since 2006 and still current. Reggie's recent commercials include; Tennessee Summer games, Hilton Garden Inn, and the National Guard Commercial, and Breakfast Scripps Commercial. Since perseverance is a lesson learned from life, Reggie has kept James Brown words of advice. He is selected to perform in a future stage production based upon the book, 'Excuse Me Miss, But I'm in Love with Your Husband,' written by Donna Portuguese Hodges. Still, one of Reggie's biggest accomplishments is his scheduled spring 2009 appearance in the hit movie, 'Medea Goes to Jail,' written and produced by Tyler Perry, the 2011 appearance in 'Medea's Big Happy Family, Reggie also shot scenes in Due Date starring Robert Downy Jr, Zach Galifianakis and Jamie Fox. Reggie also did scenes from three episodes from the TV series which is called Drop Dead Diva playing the lawyer. Reggie's currently latest project was on TV ONE'S Fatal Attraction, playing a detective in Episode 6 scene 9 and also previsonly playing the character of Jeffery Washington in Episode 2 scene 12 From talent shows and music acts to acting on stage and screen, Reggie continues to climb further up the ladder of success. His many credits speak volumes of a hard-working man with desire to accomplish big things in life. His many professional stage credits include '40 Acres, Who Stole The Mule,' 'Is God Still Working Miracles,' 'The life of James Brown,' 'Relationships, "Just A Matter of Time, "Who Shot Jr, 'The Glory Train,' 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom,' 'Unavailable,' 'Stepping Out,'Give it to God, Hush, Mrs Billingsley and whole lot more and many more. Reggie's biggest influences on screen are Denzel Washington and Al Pacino.

Reggie Freeman

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