Here are this week's Weekly T-10.

  1. S2 E12 Missing Part 2 (Party Girl)
  2. S1 E1 (Boost)
  3. S3 E12 Happy Hour Comedy Club Mark Cashin and The Lil Hussys (BTS On The Road)
  4. S1 E1 Three's A Crowd (Sweet Mahogany)
  5. S1 E1 The Oldest Trade (Among Friends)
  6. S3 E11 Holy Spirit Lutheran Church (BTS On The Road)
  7. S1 E9 Casualties Of War (Dawn)
  8. S1 E3 (Horse Mask)
  9. S1 E11 Anorexia (How I Seize It)
  10. S1 E33 Stalkers (How I Seize It)

BTS On The Road & How I Seize It have taken 2 top spots each this week. Plus several shows remain in the Top 10 from last week. Will these trends continue or will another show become well watched, find out next week on our Weekly T-10.