Here are this week's Weekly T-10.

  1. S1 E1 (Bun In The Oven)
  2. S1 E4 (Bun In The Oven)
  3. S1 E3 (Bun In The Oven)
  4. S1 E2 (Bun In The Oven)
  5. S1 E7 (Bun In The Oven)
  6. S1 E5 To Have & Have Not (Alexander Reese)
  7. S8 E21 Hurricane Season (How I Seize It)
  8. S1 E6 (Bun In The Oven)
  9. S3 E1 Welcome Home Alice Part 2 (Real Adult Feelings)
  10. S8 E5 Stranger Things (How I Seize It)

Bun In The Oven has taken 6 of the Top 10 spots this week. Plus 4 other shows make it into the Top 10. Will these trends continue or will another show become well watched, find out next week on our Weekly T-10.