The Weekly T-10 is back and better than ever, who made the countdown this week, find out now...

Ranking Episode Status Show
1 S1 E2 Don't Mix Business With Pleasure New The Gallery
2 S2 E1 Though I Walk In The Valley Of Shadow & Death New Dawn
3 S1 E1 It's Been So Long New The Gallery
4 S1 E4 Pattern Recognition New Lifelike
5 S1 E7 Rinse & Repeat New Squatters
6 S2 E1 And So It Continues New Color Blind
7 S1 E3 Shadow Puppets -6 Phobia
8 S1 E10 It's Not Over New Dawn
9 S2 E3 Betrayal -6 Color Blind
10 S2 E1 Give New The Stranger

This week we have 2 returning episodes from last week boht down 6 spots, all the rest have been replaced by new episodes in our countdown. Which of these shows will carry onto next week, we'll find out next week in the Weekly T-10.