This week we launch a grand new Weekly T-10 design. We call it rankings. We hope you enjoy from this week on...

Ranking Episode Status Show
1 S1 E3 Shadow Puppets New Phobia
2 S2 E2 Truth Be Told New Color Blind
3 S2 E3 Betrayal New Color Blind
4 S4 E9 Make A Wish New Karma
5 S1 E7 Transitions New White Lines
6 S1 E6 New Boost
7 S1 E1 Swing & A Miss New Experi-Mates
8 S1 E1 Reloaded New Body Jumpers: Resurrection
9 S3 E4 Finale New Above The Fold
10 S1 E33 Stalkers New How I Seize It

This week all the status are set as New since we took last week off and none of the shows were ranked from the list in the June 4 edition of the Weekly T-10. Which of these shows will carry onto next week, we'll find out next week in the Weekly T-10.