Here are this week's Weekly T-10.

  1. S1 E1 Meetup (Lifelike)
  2. S2 E1 And So It Continues (Color Blind)
  3. S1 E1 Pilot (Falling Apart)
  4. S1 E5 Enter Seraphim Part 1 (Body Jumpers)
  5. S3 E6 The Peace Village (The Sentinel Chronicles)
  6. S1 E4 A Brother Sharpens A Brother (BrothAhood)
  7. S1 E3 Oh, Brother (BrothAhood)
  8. S1 E5 Under The Skin (Falling Apart)
  9. S1 E1 Anorexia (How I Seize It)
  10. S1 E1 I'm Home (The Newtown Girls)

This week we had a strong #1 in Lifelike and also Falling Apart took two spots. Will these trends continue or will another show become well watched, find out next week on our Weekly T-10.