Here are this week's Weekly T-10.

  1. S1 E4 A Most Violent Year (Falling Apart)
  2. S1 E3 Son Of a Gun (Falling Apart)
  3. Noah's Oscars Pre-Show (Sparkk TV Special)
  4. S1 E22 Ms Roses, West Ashley, SC (BTS On The Road)
  5. S1 E13 The Language Of Love (Squatters)
  6. S1 E1 Pilot (Falling Apart)
  7. S1 E11 Anorexia (How I Seize It)
  8. S1 E3 Soul Mates (Silent Stories)
  9. S1 E5 To Catch A Fox (Body Jumpers: Resurrection)
  10. S1 E10 Revelations (Kush Cafe)

Falling Apart has taken 3 of the Top 10 spots this week. Plus 4 shows remain in the Top 10 from last week. Will these trends continue or will another show become well watched, find out next week on our Weekly T-10.