After a long hiatus, we are back. Here are this week's Weekly T-10.

  1. S1 E1 The Hook Up (The Real Drakoolavs)
  2. S1 E1 Ain't No Joke (All That Shabaz)
  3. S2 E1 Back To Wigan (LOL)
  4. S2 E6 (Self Storage)
  5. S2 E6 Sock It To Me (Geez Louise)
  6. S2 E9 Jitterbug (Things & Stuff)
  7. S2 E9 Love. Hate. Mistakes (Karma)
  8. S8 E1 Vacations (How I Seize It)
  9. S1 E9 Picking Up The Pieces (Twenties)
  10. S8 E2 Rocky Horr Picture Show (How I Seize It)

How I Seize It has taken 2 of the Top 10 spots this week. This week is really diverse in the shows that have made the Top 10. Will that trend continue or will one show come out as a hit, find out next week on our Weekly T-10.