Comments was a staple feature that Sparkk TV and VBCtv before that always stapled on it's site. Once known as Discussions and even for older users part of the SocialZone at one time. But spam and abuse made the feature unusable and it was discontinued after years of use. But now it's coming back!

Older fans and viewers will remember Discussions & the SocialZone, these were community based and a way for fans to talk with other fans about series on VBCtv and then Sparkk TV. But social media ended up replacing the use for this, we then launched Discussions on episodes but this was before we had Sparkk TV Accounts and the spam was so high the feature was not able to be enjoyed. It was removed in early 2017, but still something lacked after it was removed, we were missing one of the things that made Sparkk TV so special, the ability to tell people how you feel about your favorite shows and episodes, so now after much work we introduce simply known as Comments...

The new comments will require a Sparkk TV account to use and is set to launch in October ahead of the new Seasons & Series on November 4. It has been designed wit out users in mind. Our new Comments can actually be used to hold in-depth conversations & discussions about episodes through the use of threads.
Comments PreviewYou will be able to reply to comments and reply to those replies, making our new Comments just like those Dicussions & Conversations of the past...

Of course spam and any other disrespectful comments will not be tolerated and though we will never delete a Sparkk TV Account, we will prohibit ability to make comments if rules (which will be posted with comments) are broken. We will have select Moderators from our Sparkk TV Support team looking over all comments also.

The comments are planned to be ONLY available on Full Episodes for now but may be expanded in the future. They will be available at the bottom of each episode page. If you are not logged in, you will be presented with a message to log in. If you delete your Sparkk TV Account at anytime, all your Comments will also be deleted along with other users replies to that comment.

So we encourage of all our viewers, show-runners & fans to get ready and start the Discussions, start the Comments and let everyone know what you think of our episodes and shows, give support to those who spend time making these series to enteryain everyone here at Sparkk TV.