This week, we updated our Windows 10 PWA app. The new version is available from the Microsoft Store and as a stand alone install.

Last year Sparkk TV switched our Windows 10 app to a PWA. For those who do not know what a PWA is, we have an article coming soon to explain it from our Development team. However we continued to use electron as our preferred stand alone app outside of the Microsoft Store. That has changed, we are asking people who installed our app outside of the Store to uninstall and either download our new app from our site or install from the Microsoft Store.
So what has changed; well we now support updates outside of the App Store, so those who use our stand-alone installer will still get updates when they are issues. And by embracing PWA, most updates will be server based and not require and app update. Other changes include suport for the upcoming 19H2 and 20H1 versions of Windows 10. We also decided to support your system color accent, meaning the top bar of the app will change based on your systems color accent that is set.
Of course Xbox One users got the same update and will see the update available in their app store. By embracing the Windows UWP platform, we know that all users of our UWP app are getting the same experinec no matter what Microsoft platform they are using, desktop, laptop, tablet, Xbox, VR and any future hardware Microsoft releases.