What is going on with Amazon and our Sparkk TV app for Fire Tablets? That is a question that needs to be answered and we keep asking Amazon the same question. So what is the fate of and why is our new app no longer working with these Tablets?

So what is going on? Well in terms that everyone can understand, we have done everything we can do and have exausted all our options to continue support of Fire Tablets. Amazon now supports PWA apps (see a seperate blog post to learn about PWA). So we decided it was time to replace our out of date Amazon app. So we of course announced our current Amazon app would be deprecated and replaced by a new one that would need to be downloaded as a seperate app with the old app needing to be uninstalled.
We of course publish our new app and Amazon allows it to be supported for all Amazon Tablets. But we found a bug with the icon and needed to re-submit. After the review we get an email informing us that our app would only work with Android apps and is not supported by Amazon Tablets. Well what happened and why?
Well it seems Amazon is not very upfront about their PWA support, nd they only support Android devices but not their won from the Amazon AppStore. But that has not stopped us yet. We continue to work with Amazon to find a way to bring our new app to Fire Tablets.
When will this happen? We are not sure but we will keep everyone updated through Social Media and of course here in our Blog. We are looking into every option and may even need to replace this current app and have to have a new version again. We do feel very betrayed by Amazon but do understand their policy more now also. We will continue to work with Amazon on a solution. In the meantime you can still access our site through the Silk Browser.