As you have seen lately a new thing is taking over websites, the ability to have a light & dark mode. But Why?

Over the last year, Windows 10 launched light mode to go with it’s normal dark mode. macOS launched dark mode, Android 9.0 Pie launched Dark Mode. But what is this tech? Well it’s the way to change all of your system to one color scheme.

Now this same tech is making it’s way to the internet. Twitter, Hulu & Youtube are just among some website that have already put dark mode into their sites, but these sites allow the user to choose which color scheme they want to use via a toggle. Sparkk TV’s dark mode will be hard coded, built in based on the user’s OS preference. Currently this is only supported in Firefox (Windows & macOS) & Safari (macOS). Within 2019, it should come to more browsers for support.

Sparkk TV plans on launching our dark mode before April, 2019. Rumors are iOS 13 may support this mode also and if it does, we will be bringing dark mode to mobile also. Currently we will only support this on computers with tablets & mobile coming at a later date if it becomes supported on those devices. By using the hard coded CSS it allows us to have it supported as soon as a browser gains support for the mode.