Sparkk TV has always been a place that loves to embrace the newest technologies.

A few years ago, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) launched on mobile, we were ready on launch day with the ability to install on Android & iOS along side of our native mobile app. A few days ago PWA’s launched on Desktop via Google Chrome, we were ready on launch day and showed it off on Social Media as soon as it launched.

Sparkk TV will be launching Dark Mode very soon, and not just any dark mode; Our dark mode will be based on your OS system (sorry no toggle switch except your OS one). Currently this tech is only supported by Firefox (both Windows & macOS) and Safari (macOS only), but rumors are iOS 13 may include Dark Mode and Android 9.0 Pie already does (Chrome does not yet…).

We will continue to try to always support the latest tech when they launch if it makes sense for our genre. We want to give all our fans & viewers the best and easiest ways to watch our programming and best experience in watching it.